5 Habits to Avoid When Wearing Jeans This Season

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1. The Habit of Always Tucking Tops into Jeans: Tucking tops into the waistband of jeans accentuates the waist and creates a flattering silhouette. However, this approach may have become too commonplace due to overuse. In the 2024 fashion season, as seen in runway shows by brands like Zimmermann and Valentino, you can adopt an innovative approach by letting long and loose tops hang over the jeans. This is especially suitable for low-rise jeans models and adds a modern touch to your personal style.

Zimmermann Spring 2024

2. The Habit of Only Wearing Dark-Colored Jeans: Dark-colored jeans are often considered a safe option in many wardrobes because they are easy to match and tend to be slimming. However, in 2024, it might be important to enrich your wardrobe and create a more vibrant style by including light-colored and even patterned jeans. Light blue, gray, or vintage wash shades are perfect for spring and summer, and these jeans, when paired with brightly colored tops or patterned blouses, can create a very striking style.

3. The Habit of Tucking Jeans into Boots: In past years, especially with skinny jeans models, tucking the pant legs into high-shaft boots was a popular trend. However, as jeans silhouettes have evolved, looser fits are coming to the forefront in 2024. This year, letting the wide pant legs fall naturally over the boots offers a look that matches the current fashion sense, adding a chic detail with the slightly visible boot tips.

Valentino Pre-Fall 2024 at Paris Fashion

4. The Habit of Using Jeans Only for Casual Combos: Jeans may be synonymous with comfort, but constantly pairing them with sneakers, T-shirts, and bomber jackets is another habit to avoid in 2024. By combining your jeans with blazers, fine shirts, kitten heels, or turtleneck sweaters, you can infuse your outfit with a sophisticated air. This is particularly effective with ripped jeans models, creating an unexpected and impressive style contrast that showcases your styling expertise.

5. The Habit of Opting for Too Short Pant Legs: Although there is a general consensus that jeans should not be too long, it might be time to break this rule in 2024. As experts suggest, instead of overly short legs, opting for jeans models with long and loose legs can bring novelty to your style. This style pairs perfectly with baggy and flared jeans cuts and can elevate your personal look to the next level.

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