Brooks Brothers is Reborn in Turkey: A New Era with BB Retail

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Brooks Brothers, known as the world’s oldest clothing brand with a history of over 200 years, is now being revitalized in Turkey and surrounding regions through the distribution partnership with BB Retail. BB Retail offers a wide range of services from the design and production to the marketing and distribution of Brooks Brothers. This collaboration represents a new era in the brand’s history.

BB Retail not only presents Brooks Brothers products in stores across Turkey but also exports these products abroad under the brand name. This strategy strengthens the brand’s position in the global fashion industry while highlighting Turkey’s role in the textile and fashion sector.

As stated by Erdem Cem Tınarlıoğlu, BB Retail is now expanding its goals by entering into a production agreement with a new luxury brand. This step will solidify the company’s presence in the luxury fashion segment and enhance the international competitiveness of the Turkish fashion industry.

The collaboration between Brooks Brothers and BB Retail preserves the brand’s rich heritage while demonstrating an innovative approach in line with modern needs and trends. This partnership shapes the future of the fashion and textile sector both domestically and internationally.

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