Gaziantep’s Kutnu Fabric Makes Its Way into Dior’s 2023 Summer Collection

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Gaziantep’s Kutnu Fabric and Dior Collaboration: A Modern Interpretation of Cultural Heritage

The History and Importance of Kutnu Fabric

Gaziantep has been hosting a rich cultural heritage for centuries. One of the most significant pieces of this heritage is the Kutnu fabric, produced with a unique combination of silk and cotton. Valued as an example of exquisite craftsmanship since the Ottoman period, Kutnu fabric stands out with its original texture.

Dior’s Modern Touch on Kutnu Fabric

The French fashion giant Dior has breathed new life into this ancient weaving tradition of Gaziantep. Through the collaboration with Kutnia, Kutnu fabric has been utilized in Dior’s modern designs, marrying the fabric’s authentic characteristics with global fashion trends while preserving its essence. This comprehensive collaboration, which tells a cultural story in each piece, blends Kutnu fabric’s fine texture and vibrant colors with Dior’s aesthetic philosophy.

Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Fashion

This significant step not only builds a bridge between two cultures but also holds great importance for the preservation of cultural heritage and the support of sustainable fashion. Dior’s collection has attracted considerable interest from fashion lovers worldwide and has contributed to promoting Turkey’s rich weaving heritage on an international stage.

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